Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blog Round Up #4

Michele: From a caption contest, to finishing a sentence, to Michele's famous Meet N' Greet comment post where you can find hundreds of great blogs, her blog is fun!

Dear AL: If you are looking for some great advice, AL is more than willing to help, and it's hilarious! One of the best crazy blogs online!

Internet Lovers: Lisa just finished Alphabetising herself, so you know she knows the Alphabet! Way to go Lisa!

the DORkS stuff: Nancy just started her blog and her and her friends are trying to come up with a name for there bowling team, how about DORkS?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blog Round Up #3

More bloggers you can check out while you are waiting for our next video.

bloggers 3Rockchild: Rockchild just found out that there is a Brown Bear in Germany eating sheep, but not bananas!

psycho_pat: Trish is in love with Nelly Furtado, and her booty! You can watch Nelly's new video on her blog!

Gangsta Jackanory: We linked Adam's blog so you can visit him, but in his recent post he's sending his readers away?

shoomers: Vy is to alcohol and carrots, but she is a party animal from hell with a new blog layout, and some boy calling a girl a bitch!

at sixes and sevens: juanna_0 latest post is about a girl named Judy Syfers, who wants a wife. Not sure if it is true or not, read it for yourself!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blog Round Up #2

More bloggers you can check out while you are waiting for our next video.

Ask A Ninja: Do you all want to see people with funny hats making things that people like? Help Ninja save the internet so you can see it!

b o o b a l o o: Check out Boo's picture for Half Naked Thursday! We would say more but our girlfriends will kill us!

Whatchu Tawkin Bout: Want to know how to gross out a teenager, visit Chattys blog and fine out!

'Jay' Style by the 'J' guy: Jason wants us to scold him if we see him online during his exam. How do we know if he is taking a exam?

Zi's Blog: Zi has almost all of our videos on a single post, should we be scared?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Our Blog Round Up

We thought while you are all waiting for our next video we would do a little linky love by introducing you all to some great Bloggers out there everyday!

Tiny Voices In My Head: Dawn just came back from Niagara Falls. Has a thing for nose candy!

His Pheonix: Not sure if she reads anything else than her dictionary.

Greglex: He said he would add more later to his blog, but we guess he was talking about his next life.

Happiness is a Good Nap: Please wish Lisa good thoughts!
She got her biopsy results yesterday to check for pre-cancer.

Tin The Optimist: Tin just had the measels, and to celebrate during her recovery she got a facial?

Wil Wheaton: Some of you might know Wil, but for the ones who don't, he played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek from what we here. Was he a Ferengi?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Need Advice? Write Dear AL!

Not long ago we discovered a very funny advice blog called Dear AL. Dear AL gives great advice on his blog for everything to who ever writes him, but sometimes his truth hurts which is some great entertainment!

We want to thank Dear Al for his advice to us, you can read it on his blog! Say hi to Al!