Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thanks Cow!

We like to thank Cow for looking out for us! Cow, who some people think is us becaus he put our videos on YouTube.com is worried that we are not who we say we are, but we do have to come clean about something, a friend is corecting our english before we post our comments here. Thanks Lee!

The reason why we link to our videos that other people put on YouTube is because they are getting alot of views over there which is displayed, so why start our own account to upload our videos when we can link to our videos already there using the code YouTube provides, this way our videos on YouTube continue to get hits and Cow and others get the credit for uploading it there.

This blog is just to show off our videos, we will never ask for money or try to make money off this blog because we already have a contract with Motorola, and will never try to use this blog to meet anyone, because we want to live!

Thanks again, Cow!